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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Servier Coveram 10mg/10mg
Sale price₦14,950.00 NGN
Coveram 10mg/5mg
Servier Coveram 10mg/5mg
Sale price₦13,500.00 NGN
Servier Coveram 5mg/5mg
Sale price₦12,500.00 NGN
Coveram Plus 10/10/2.5mg
Servier Coveram Plus 10/10/2.5mg
Sale price₦17,250.00 NGN
Coversyl 10mg Tablets
Servier Coversyl 10mg Tablets
Sale price₦10,150.00 NGN
Coversyl 5mg Tablets
Servier Coversyl 5mg Tablets
Sale price₦7,400.00 NGN
Coversyl Plus 10/2.5mg
Servier Coversyl Plus 10/2.5mg
Sale price₦15,850.00 NGN
Daflon 500mg x 15 Tablets
Servier Daflon 500mg x 15 Tablets
Sale price₦3,450.00 NGN
Servier Daflon 500mg x 30 Tablets
Sale price₦6,800.00 NGN
Diamicron MR 30mg Tablets
Servier Diamicron MR 30mg Tablets
Sale price₦6,850.00 NGN

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