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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Ivymoicell Ivymoicell Eye Drop
Sale price₦1,850.00 NGN
Maxitrol Eye Ointment
Alcon Maxitrol Eye Ointment
Sale price₦4,900.00 NGN
Xalatan 0.01% (Latanoprost) Eye Drop x2.5ml
MaxiVision Capsules X 120
MaxiVision MaxiVision Capsules X 120
Sale price₦55,300.00 NGN
Doppelherz Eye Vital Plus
Doppelherz Doppelherz Eye Vital Plus
Sale price₦10,500.00 NGN
Duotrav Eye Drop
Alcon Duotrav Eye Drop
Sale price₦25,700.00 NGN
Vision Plus Eye Vitamin Antioxidant Caps X 120
Tobrex Eyedrops 0.3%
Tobrex Tobrex Eyedrops 0.3%
Sale price₦9,250.00 NGN
Azopt Eyedrop 5ml
Azopt Azopt Eyedrop 5ml
Sale price₦11,500.00 NGN
DGF Diclofenac Eye Drop 0.1%
DGF Flucamed 0.3% Eye & Ear Drop 5ml
Sale price₦2,250.00 NGN
Doppelherz Eye Vital
Doppelherz Doppelherz Eye Vital
Sale price₦5,950.00 NGN
Nature's Field EyeCap x60
Sylken Nature's Field EyeCap x60
Sale price₦19,750.00 NGN
Ivyflur Ivyflur Eye Drops
Sale price₦1,800.00 NGN
Medreich Evril Gentamicin Eye Drops
Sale price₦450.00 NGN
Ciloxan Eye Drop
Alcon Ciloxan Eye Drop
Sale price₦2,650.00 NGN
Sylken Nature's Field EyeCap x30
Sale price₦13,600.00 NGN
Sylken Nature's Field Eyebright
Sale price₦9,000.00 NGN
Xalacom 50mg/5mg (Latanoprost/Timolol) Eye Drop x2.5ml

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