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Predicte Pregnancy One Step Test
Avamys 27.5mcg Nasal Spray
GSK Avamys 27.5mcg Nasal Spray
Sale price₦19,500.00 NGN
Pfizer Viagra (Sildenafil) 50mg Tabs x4
Sale price₦6,950.00 NGN
GSK Valtrex (Valaciclovir) Tabs x42
Sale price₦28,500.00 NGN
Coartem (Artemether/Lumefantrine) 80mg/480mg Tabs x6
Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant
DKT Postpill (Levonorgestrel 1.5mg)
Sale price₦1,000.00 NGN
Klovinal Vaginal Pessaries x6
Bliss GVS Klovinal Vaginal Pessaries x6
Sale price₦3,150.00 NGN
GSK Panadol Regular Tablets
Sale price₦300.00 NGN
Arthrotec 75mg (Diclofenac/Misoprostol) Tabs Blister x10
Hovid Loratyn (Loratadine 10mg) Blisters
Sale price₦600.00 NGN
Bliss GVS Lonart-DS 80mg/480mg Tabs x6
Sale price₦2,550.00 NGN
Samsu Oil 7.4ml
Samsu Samsu Oil 7.4ml
Sale price₦3,300.00 NGN
Pfizer Diflucan 50mg x3
Sale price₦2,850.00 NGN
Manix Tablets x20
Wockhardt Ltd Manix Tablets x20
Sale price₦4,100.00 NGN
Pfizer Dostinex
Sale price₦12,000.00 NGN
Beecham Amoxil (Amoxicillin) 500mg Blister Caps x10
Proviron 25mg
Bayer Proviron 25mg
Sale price₦7,500.00 NGN
Bioderma Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant 200ml
Sale price₦7,150.00 NGN
Flagyl (Metronidazole) 400mg Tabs x10

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