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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Aciclovir 200mg (Ranbaxy)
Ranbaxy Aciclovir 200mg (Ranbaxy)
Sale price₦5,000.00 NGN
Aciclovir 400mg (Ranbaxy)
Ranbaxy Aciclovir 400mg (Ranbaxy)
Sale price₦10,200.00 NGN
Aciclovir 800mg (Ranbaxy)
Ranbaxy Aciclovir 800mg (Ranbaxy)
Sale price₦11,000.00 NGN
Ranbaxy Contiflo OD 0.4mg x10
Sale price₦2,800.00 NGN
Gestid 100ml Suspension
Ranbaxy Gestid 100ml Suspension
Sale price₦800.00 NGN
Gestid 200ml Suspension
Ranbaxy Gestid 200ml Suspension
Sale price₦1,450.00 NGN
Gestid Tablets
Ranbaxy Gestid Tablets
Sale price₦500.00 NGN
Ranbaxy Ranferon 12 Capsules
Sale price₦300.00 NGN

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