Calpol 6+ (Paracetamol) Orange Suspension 200ml

Johnson & JohnsonSKU: 5010123730659

Calpol 6+ (Paracetamol) Orange Suspension 200ml: Calpol 6+ (Paracetamol) Orange Suspension 200ml
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- Fast onset of action, works on fever in just 15mins.
- Suitable for aches and pains
- Comes with easy dosing syringe
Calpol 6+ is formulated with over twice the strength of infant paracetamol to provide effective, soothing relief from pain and fever in children aged 6 and over and starts to work on fever in just 15 minutes without being harsh on the tummy. Each pack comes with an easy dose syringe. This treatment syrup has a rich and child-friendly orange flavor

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