HealthPlus introduces BARE

Healthplus has teamed up with BARE, an innovative digital skincare business with an easy-to-use AI skincare tool, to deliver skincare solutions digitally, giving you information about your skin in just 5 minutes.

Get matched to the right skincare products for your skin with the BARE App. You can now easily understand your skin and concerns with the BARE App and also speak with experts on any concern you may have. Once you receive your skincare recommendations on the App, you can shop via the App or go to any Health plus store to pick up your recommended products.

How it Works

Take a Quiz

Using Artificial Intelligence and Expert evaluations, Bare creates a unique and accurate skin profile for you in less than 5 minutes.

Upload Your Photos

Upload three photos of your face in natural light, without makeup, that highlight your issues. You can snap pictures from within your quiz, so don't worry.

Select a Feedback Option

Choose between a video conference with in-house experts or simply request a product recommendation.

Make Payment

Pay easily online

Get Your Recommendations

Receive your recommendations in 5 minutes or set up an appointment to speak with an expert

What You Get

For Video Counsultations and Product Recommendations
  • Skin Analysis, Product Recommendations, Video Consultation, Personalised Skincare Regimen