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Get fully reimbursable managed care and more with the mutti+ subscription plan.

Your health plan would cover:
  • Virtual doctors consultation
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Over 70 medications for 14 health conditions

Program cost: N1000 per month, N2,700 for 3 months, and N4800 for 6 months
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About mutti+

mutti+ is a healthcare subscription plan that provides fully reimbursable managed care to members at their mutti pharmacy. Our subscription plan offers a wide range of benefits and access to quality healthcare at an affordable price..

Our Benefits

  • Our mutti+ subscription plan offers the following benefits:
  • Virtual doctors consultation: Connect with a doctor near you and get a remote physical examination and instant prescription fulfillment.
  • Get access to quality lab tests at no extra cost.
  • Over 70 medications: Enjoy access to quality medication for over 14 health conditions at an affordable price.
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