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In-store Services

Asthma Support Service

Our free Asthma Support Service helps you stay on top of your condition. As well as assessing your asthma and making sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your medication, we will help you make positive changes to improve your symptoms. So, whether you have just been diagnosed or have been living with asthma for a while, our services can make managing your asthma a little bit easier so that you can achieve your full potential at work and at play.

Blood Pressure Check

Speak to your HealthPlus pharmacist about receiving free regular blood pressure monitoring. No appointment is necessary.

Cholesterol Check

The Cholesterol Check measures the amount of good and bad cholesterol in the blood. It is important to have your levels checked regularly to prevent heart diseases and stroke.

Confidential Consultation

Maintaining confidentiality is a vital part of the relationship between pharmacists and persons under their care. All of our pharmacies have a consultation area so you can speak to you pharmacist in total confidence.

Controlled Medicines

In compliance with the ethics of Pharmacy practice, the sale of controlled medicines must be in accordance with Pharmacy laws and regulations. Please bear with us.

Diabetes Screening

Our trained pharmacy staff can check your blood glucose level. Regular blood glucose checks help improve the management of Diabetes.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Screening Service*

This is a screening test which measures the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart in 30 seconds using sensors that are placed on the skin over the chest. It is quick, painless and pre-screens patients on possible symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. *available at select stores

Expert Pharmacist Advice

From providing you with free healthcare advice, health promotional information, update and advice on public health to product recommendation and follow up on your progress, HealthPlus pharmacists go the extra mile to ensure you are the healthiest version of yourself. Ask your HealthPlus Pharmacist today!

Family Planning

We offer expert advice and counselling on birth control methods, emergency contraception, pregnancy test kits and fertility supplements.

Healthy Heart Check

Our Healthy Heart Check offers the following: Blood Pressure Check, Diabetes Screening, Cholesterol Check, BMI Measurement, a 10-year Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and *Electrocardiogram (ECG) Screening. This service aims to lower the risk of developing heart disease through the monitoring of various risk factors that can negatively affect your heart health. Speak to our pharmacist to find out more.

Medicines Use Review

This is a medicine check-up service, which is useful if you regularly take several prescription medicines or are on medicines for a long-term condition. This confidential service will help you find out more about your medicines, identify any problems you may be having with them and help you get the most out of your medicines.

Minor Ailments Service

If you want help dealing with common illnesses such as allergies, asthma, piles, cold & cough, colic, thrush, minor skin conditions and more, ask your HealthPlus Pharmacist about the Minor Ailments Service. They will offer expert advice and recommend appropriate medicines for you.

Prescription Dispensing Service

We dispense prescription medicines and will give advice on how to get the most benefit from your medicines. We keep a comprehensive stock of medicines and other healthcare products and devices. Our staff can advise you on the safe storage of medicines. Please remember to keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children.

Pill Box Service

The HealthPlus Pill Box Service is highly recommended for any person who regularly takes several medicines and/or nutritional supplements, for any person on medicines for a long-term condition, for the elderly or for anyone that does not want to miss a dose of their pills. Our pill boxes are clearly marked leak-proof containers that help you organise your medicines in a safe and secure manner. You do not have to miss a dose ever again!

Sexual Health Service

Our staff are fully trained to provide confidential and non-judgmental advice on sexual health and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Stop Smoking Service

Speak to one of our qualified pharmacists to get expert advice on best products that can help you quit smoking.

Travel Health Service

Our pharmacists will recommend products, provide information and offer counselling on your healthcare needs including vaccination requirements for your travel. If you are planning a holiday, don’t forget to visit your HealthPlus Pharmacy for all your holiday health essentials.

Weight Management Service

We stock weight loss supplements, food replacement supplements and shakes for weight management.