The Holistic Checklist: Ensuring Wellness Across All Dimensions of Health

In our journey towards holistic wellness, we often find ourselves diligently checking off boxes to ensure we're on the right path. Mental health? Check. Physical health? Check. Spiritual health? Check. Oral health? Check. Financial health? Check. But amidst these important facets of wholeness, there's one aspect that might not always be given the attention it deserves: sexual health.

While mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health are commonly discussed and prioritised, sexual health tends to remain in the background, often overlooked or even stigmatised. However, just like any other dimension of health, sexual health plays a crucial role in our overall well-being and deserves careful consideration and nurturing.

What exactly does it mean to address sexual health? It encompasses a wide range of factors, including but not limited to:

  1. Safe and consensual practices: Ensuring that all sexual activities are consensual and conducted safely to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. This includes practising safe sex, using barrier methods like condoms, and regular STI testing. Knowing your status is no longer by words, it requires intentional action.Β 

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  1. Communication and relationships: Building and maintaining healthy, respectful relationships where open communication about sexual desires, boundaries, and expectations is encouraged. This also involves addressing any concerns or issues related to intimacy within relationships.
  1. Reproductive health: Accessing reproductive health services and information, including contraception, family planning, and reproductive rights. This allows individuals to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive lives. Shop for condoms, contraceptives, enhancers, libido enhancers, lubricants, multivitamins, supplements and many more with HealthPlus.
  1. Seeking support and information: Being proactive about seeking information, resources, and support related to sexual health, whether it's from healthcare providers at HealthPlus, counsellors, or reputable online sources. Education and awareness play crucial roles in promoting sexual health. Visit any of the HealthPlus branches to consult with a doctor or go online to chat with a pharmacist.

Just like mental or physical health, neglecting sexual health can have significant consequences. Unaddressed sexual health issues can lead to physical discomfort, emotional distress, strained relationships, and even serious health complications. Moreover, societal taboos and misconceptions surrounding sexuality can often prevent individuals from seeking the help and support they need.

While it's essential to address mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health, let's not forget about sexual health. By incorporating sexual health into our holistic wellness checklist, we can ensure that we're nurturing all aspects of our well-being and living fulfilling, healthy lives.Β 

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So, have you considered your sexual health? It's time to check that box.

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