Five Essential Medical Supplies You Need During the Election

While we prepare for the upcoming presidential elections on Saturday, February 25th, 2023, it is essential that you stock up with basic household items such as foodstuff and healthcare products.

Here are five essential medical supplies to stock up on during the elections:

  1. Face masks: With many people present at the polling units, wearing a face mask is essential to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Make sure to stock up on disposable or washable face masks.
  2. Hand sanitisers: Besides wearing a face mask, practising good hand hygiene by washing your hands or using hand sanitiser is essential. Stock up on a travel-sized hand sanitiser that you can carry with you to the polling units.
  3. Gloves: If you're a poll worker, you must wear gloves to protect yourself from potential exposure to COVID-19. Consider buying a box of disposable gloves to keep with you during election week.
  4. Prescription Medications: If you have any prescription medications, stock up enough to last through the election week. Consider setting a reminder to refill your medications a few days before election week to ensure that you have enough.
  5. Supplements: Supplements can help support your immune system and overall health during election week. Consider stocking up on vitamin C, D, and zinc supplements to help boost your immunity and stay healthy.

Remember, it's better to be prepared in the forthcoming days.  Be sure to stock up on these essential medical supplies at least 24 hours before election day. Stay safe and healthy during the upcoming election weeks!

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