Always Soft Maxi Thick x8

Procter & GambleSKU: 8001090728326

Always Soft Maxi Thick x8: Always Soft Maxi Thick x8
Sale price₦450.00 NGN


- Keeps odor at bay
- Provides 100% leakage protection
- Cotton-like softness
Always Soft Maxi Thick Extra Long provides up to 100 percent leakage protection during your period. With its silky soft top layer on the skin, it is delicate and soothing. It contains a faint, fresh aroma that keeps odours at bay, as well as an extremely absorbent core gel that keeps menstrual discharge contained throughout the day. The Always Cotton Soft Maxi Thick was designed to keep you stress-free and confident so you can enjoy your day without anxiety.

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