WeCare for you!

WeCare includes 53 Test Parameters that covers various diseases such as:
 - Diabetes,
 - Heart Disease,
 - Metabolic Syndrome,
 - High Blood Pressure,
 - Chronic Kidney Disease,
 - Chronic Liver Disease,
 - Hyperuricemia

And profiles such as:
 - Nutritional Wellness
 - Critical Life Parameters

Other important parameters & profiles which are a part of WeCare:
 - Pap Smear Test
 - PSA Test
 - Thyroid hormones (T3, T4, TSH) 

More Details & Next Steps

Get Informed

Please read all the information on WeCare Health Check-Up on our website.

Make Payment

Pay for the HealthPlus-MeCure WeCare Package Only ₦30,000.

Our staff will contact you

Once payment is confirmed, you will be contacted by our staff to pick a time slot as per your convenience, for a home sample collection.

Collect sample and await results (3-5 days)

Once the sample is collected the results will be out within 3- 5 days. In-case of Pap Smear test, the report will be out in around 10 days.


  • For Pap Smear Test sample can be only collected at our center.
  • For Basic Eye and Dental Screening and for collecting Health Supplements visit to our Oshodi or Lekki center is required.

MeCure has tied-up with HealthPlus to provide home sample collection service for the WeCare Health Check-Up Tests.*

It entails 53 Test Parameters covering various Diseases & Profiles in ₦ 30 K only.

It also includes: 

          - Basic Eye & Dental Screening
          - Natural Health Supplements  

So what are you waiting for? Quantity:
*Please note for Pap Smear sample collection, basic eye & dental screening & to collect supplements, you're required to visit MeCure's Oshodi/Lekki center.